Smallest DLP Pico Video Projector Engine

TI announces the thinnest, smallest optical engine yet for pico video projection.

By Cliff Roth

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Video/Imaging DesignWire
(2/24/2010 12:49:23 AM)

Texas Instruments DLP® Products recently announced a new chipset, nHD, as an addition to the DLP PicoTM suite. TI says nHD will enable the thinnest, smallest DLP Pico engines to date. They say nHD production availability is expected in the second quarter of 2010, and the chip enables projector technology to be embedded into smaller devices in a wider range of product categories.

“We’re proud to welcome the new nHD chipset into the DLP Pico family,” said Frank Moizio, manager, DLP Emerging Markets business. “We believe this new nHD chipset sets new industry-leading benchmarks in pico projection – enabling products with the highest efficiency and brightness from the industry’s thinnest, smallest physical footprint. It achieves all of this with stunning picture quality. We believe nHD will provide even more opportunities for manufacturers to innovate with DLP.”

Leading global manufacturers have already begun development on the nHD chipset, using its size, brightness and resolution advantages to design embedded mobile phones, cameras and products in other mobile device categories. The addition of this new chipset, along with DLP’s WVGA and HVGA chips for embedded applications, gives manufacturers diverse design options that allow them the flexibility to include projectors in a wide breadth of devices.

At the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, TI DLP Products showcased this breadth with more than a dozen new projection devices from leading manufacturers, representing a variety of product categories. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Optoma, LG and HP showcased new pico projection products in categories such as embedded mobile phones, gaming projectors, embedded media players, notebook accessories, standalone projectors and projector attachments for mobile phones.

The new DLP PicoTM solution delivers the following features:

  • nHD (640×360) resolution
  • Enables leading contrast ratio of better than 1,000:1 for the blackest blacks and most accurate whites
  • Enables true RGB LED wide color gamut for rich saturated colors
  • Improved power efficiency and electronic footprint
  • Incorporates a new low power Pico DPP2601/2607 ASIC/Processor
  • Enables a greater than 20 percent thinner optical module than WVGA chipset with full offset
  • Enables a greater than 50 percent smaller optical module volume than WVGA chipset with full offset