Research and Markets “Roadmap for Internet TV”

The report looks in some detail at how internet TV services will be delivered on a multi-platform basis.

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(6/12/2009 12:10:41 AM)

Dublin, Ireland — Research and Markets, Ltd. recently announced a new report entitled, “Roadmap for Internet TV.” This report is about internet TV, which involves the delivery of television programming to TV sets that are connected to the internet. The purpose of the report is to clearly explain how the internet TV market will develop by setting out a clear product roadmap and explaining how the key technical and commercial roadblocks will be overcome.

The report begins by clearly defining what internet TV is and how it differs from related concepts, like Web TV. The report clearly explains how to correctly view the internet TV market by considering the sort of services that will be enabled and the high-level software architecture that is needed to allow those services to be delivered.

Then report then analyses to what extent established commercial broadcasters will be successful in controlling the distribution of their content on the internet and also the extent to which they will be successful in preventing third-party service providers from established themselves in the value chain.

Next, the report looks carefully at how third-party service providers will fit into the market, what functions they will perform and how they will perform those functions. As two examples, the report reviews how online EPGs are using standard web links, deep links and reformatted deep links to allow users to access streaming content that is provided by others. The role of video search engines is also analysed.

The report looks in some detail at how internet TV services will be delivered on a multi-platform basis, to the TV set, the mobile device and also the PC. In addition, the report considers a new development which is where multi-platform concepts will be applied at the network end of the service as well as the user end.

The report then reviews three important implementation aspects: the role of a TV browser, how users will access paid-for content on their TV set and also the user interface. Finally, the report reviews what the roadmap set out in the report means for Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and commercial broadcasters.

Understanding the next steps, and beyond:

– Yahoo TV Widget Engine

– Microsoft and Google

– Accessing Paid-for Content via a TV Browser

– User Interface Options

– Detailed Product Roadmap

– Role of Third-party Services

Key Benefits:

– Understand how Microsoft Vista Media Center and Yahoo’s TV Widget Engine are positioned and how well aligned both products are with what the market requires;

– Appreciate the extent to which commercial broadcasters will be able to control distribution of their content on the internet;

– Understand the role that third-party service providers play in the internet TV market;

– Appreciate what multi-platform delivery means for an internet TV service;

– Understand how it will be possible for users to pay for ad-hoc content from within an internet TV service experience;

– Identify the product options that are available to Google, should the company decide the enter the internet TV market.

Who Should Read this Report?:

– Product management and product marketing;

– Product strategy and marketing strategy;

– Executive leadership;

– Market insight and competitor intelligence;

– Business development and corporate development.

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