PC Video and USB 2.0 Multiplexing over 802.11n for “PC-on-TV” Functionality

ExtremeLink PC-on-TV technology offers the transmission of high quality video and USB 2.0 to deliver all types of PC interactions wirelessly over 802.11n including the ability to browse the Internet, access email, instant message, create documents, stream content off of a flash drive, play games, and much more.

By Erin Martin-Serrano, Icron Technologies

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(6/1/2010 4:19:32 PM)

TV Extender Architecture
The TV extender architecture is shown in figure 3.  The transmitted data signal is received by the wireless receiver.  The ExtremeUSB Extender de-multiplexes the USB and video data.  The USB Device Connector allows for multiple connections of a keyboard, mouse, game controller, web camera or any other USB device.  The video data sent to the video processor decodes the signals which are then converted by the DVI transmitter to send DVI or HDMI signals to the remote TV or Monitor.


Figure 3. Architecture of local TV or Monitor Extender
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This article has shown the challenge of combining high-quality video with a true PC experience including USB connectivity for devices with all transfer types (control, interrupt, bulk, and isochronous) to develop a high-performance and stable architecture.   Low latency, high-quality video, optimized bandwidth, and consistent resolution over typical distances within a home were all achieved.  Icron’s ExtremeLink “PC-on-TV” technology is now available as a complete reference design for companies who wish to partner with Icron to customize the feature set and productize the technology to meet their target market.

About the author:

Erin Martin-Serrano is Icron’s Product Marketing Manager.  Previously, Erin held the position of Icron’s Field Application and Sales Engineer. Her extensive experience includes a wide variety of engineering and business disciplines for both enterprise and consumer markets with Hewlett-Packard in the United States. Erin holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.

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