Large Display Industry Snapshot

Insight Media reports exciting and significant progress in display imaging and illumination technologies, new components and component improvements, including LED/Laser, LCD/PDP, key components, plus “All Things 3D” and more in their new display industry snapshot.

By Cliff Roth

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(2/15/2010 12:23:11 AM)

Insight Media has published their February 2010 Large Display Report, including extensive coverage of display technology at CES last month.

The Report documents the display industry news and activities for monitor-sized and larger displays, components and finished products. LDR goes beyond the headlines, Insight Media says, digging deep into news events — offering “the why” behind the news with new technologies and companies you don’t normally hear about in mainstream media. Here are some of the items of note, listed by category:

LED Laser Devices and Components

  • This LED Supplier Looking for Boost from Projection Biz

Display Components and Mfg.

  • Taiwan LCD Tigers, A “Housecat” Grows Up

Backlight Units

  • This US Company Says New Polymer BLUs Set to Move In


  • The Power Behind 3D Video Processing (Three Vendors, Three Stories)
  • This Chip Vendor Targets 3D STBs
  • Quad HD Chips Scale up 1080p
  • HDMI 1.4 Enabled by this Analog Chip Maker
  • Sensors Enable 3D Cameras – More (two stories)

LCD / PDP Products

  • This Top Japan TV Maker May Pull the Plug on LCD TV Biz
  • LG’s Strategy Told at CES (plus additional coverage, two stories)
  • CES Top Brand Overview (NeTVs, Wireless, Plus Analysis)
  • Hello Yellow (two stories)

Green Ecosystem

  • A Lighter Shade of “Green” at CES
  • Analysis: LED BLUs and Green Product Lifecycles
  • Going Green, But is it Fast Enough?
  • CES Shows Green is Core to this Vendor’s Strategy
  • Digital Signs Also Looking to Go Green

Touch Screens

  • Forget Touch, This Technology Tracks Seven Points on Each Hand

Digital Signage

  • Top US Vendor Breaks Price Barrier on Entry Displays

LED/Laser Projection

  • Are Mercury Lamps Dead?
  • New Tiled Rear Projection Modules Use Lasers—YES
  • This LED Projector Hits 1K Lumens—Plus One More (Two vendors)

Biz / Home Projectors

  • Ed Market Gets 3D Treatment from Top Imager Chip Supplier
  • Japan Vendor Bows Six New 3D Projectors—Taiwan, Three (Three Stories)
  • At $10K, SXRD 3D Home Projector Boasts Six Imagers (not Sony…from Korea)


  • Brightness Boost for 3D Screens
  • 20X Gain from Polarizer Screen for 3D (Korean Firm)

Multi-megapixel Displays

  • CES Rundown from Monitors to Videowalls (plus Analysis)

Vis /Sim

  • New Remote Light Source Projector w/MIPS Image Processing (warp and blend)


  • What’s New at CES – Full HD Over the Wire

Market Intelligence

  • Putman ‘s 2010 CE Predictions
  • China Emerging (Post CES Thoughts)
  • By the Numbers in CE

2D/3D Digital Cinema

  • Back to 3D Films (No—Not Digital?)
  • Digital Install Updates
  • This 3D Projector Used at Sundance
  • 3D Cinema in EU: Italian (Service) and German (Distributor) Merging

3D Industry Trends

  • Old Conference—New Technology at SD&A (Report and 3D Update)
  • Making 3D Real—It’s the Hard Part
  • These Vendors Counting on 3D for Turn-around
  • 3D Content’s Third Leg of the Stool

AS-3D Displays & Applications

  • Now China Moving on 3D
  • From Autostereoscopic 3D Signs to Consumer from this US Firm

3D Pro Displays

  • New Compact 3D Production Monitor at sub-$5K
  • 3D Projector for Professionals from this Japan Vendor (4K Resolution—Yes)


  • CES Top Brand Overview by Vendor (10 Stories total plus Analysis)
  • Sony, Samsung and Panny Lead the Way with 3D (3 stories)
  • Here come the Chinese
  • Sharp, Mitsu, Tosh in the 3D Camp at CES (three stories)

3D Gaming

  • Stereo 3D Game Console—CES Update and Analysis (two stories)
  • The Processing Power Behind 3D Games (two stories)
  • New 3D Monitor from this Korean Vendor
  • New Patent “Sees 3D” Like Human Eye
  • AS-3D Upgrade for Mobile Game Devices
  • Who Missed CES-10?

3D Glasses

  • Premium Polarized Glasses Look Sharp (Bono-style)
  • New Active Shutter Models Not Just for Theaters (think home)
  • New “Off-Brand” Passive Glasses May Support RealD Too
  • ZigBee Wireless Touch 3D in These New Glasses
  • Four TV Makers Turn to This 3D Eyewear
  • Italian Firm Manages 3D Patents

3D Content Creation

  • 3D Camcorders at CES (two stories)
  • The 2D-3D Shuffle—Old Films Dancing to Avatar’s Tune
  • Mum’s the Word on 3D-Blu-ray

3D Encode/Decode Playback

  • Proprietary 3D Encode Technology Deploys at CES
  • Swiss Firm Says Don’t Forget the Program Guide
  • This Encode/Decode Technology Supports Multiple Formats (plus Media Director)
  • Is DivX in Stealth Mode on 3D Decoder?
  • PC Blu-ray Software Coming (three vendors, one story)
  • This Company Signed Six Top Vendors to its Technology
  • 2D + Delta Winning Fans
  • 3D BRD Player Round-up

2D-to-3D Conversion

  • This Image Processor Serves as 2D-3D Conversion
  • RISC based ARM Gets Conversion Done
  • Another Way to Skin the Cat—Software Plus GPUs

3D Broadcast and Distribution

  • 3D in Home Picks Up Steam (ten vendors, one story)
  • Satellite and Cable MSO’s (plus Web) Turn to 3D (four stories)
  • This Vendor Looks at Full-HD 3DTV Delivery (see above)
  • ESPN to Cut Streaming Deal with This Game Console Maker

3D Standards

  • 3DTV Working Group Announced from this Standards Body
  • HDMI Says: 1.3 = 3D – Yes!
  • Now DisplayPort Wants In…

Insight Media says there’s much more detail this month than can be summarized here, and the goal is to help you find new technologies, partners and market opportunities — and to avoid potential problems in your business development activities.

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