1080p at 60 fps H.264 Decode or 8-Channel D1 Encoding with TI DaVinci Video Processor

TI’s 1 GHz DM6467T is a single-chip processor that enables networked digital video applications to decode high-definition (HD) H.264 1080p at 60 frames per second.

HDMI 1.4 Ultra Low Power Mobile Phone Transmitter

The TDA19989 HDMI 1.4 transmitter enables consumers to transfer HD multimedia content from their mobile phones directly to a television via the TV remote control.

User Interface Design Tool for Touchscreens

Development teams can take advantage of Altia’s new features — including distort, snapshot object, and skin object and language — to create exciting user interfaces in a fraction of the time.

Quad-HD Video Platform Demonstrates Virtual Tape-Out

Marseille Networks’ new Virtual Tape-Out methodology was used to create a platform for quad-HD video displays as a demonstration project for the new process.

3DTV Processor has FRC, MEMC and local dimming

By eliminating the need for external FPGA devices to support 3DTV, NXP says this is a highly cost-effective post-processing solution that will enable manufacturers to bring competitively priced 3D-enabled TV sets to the mainstream consumer market.

14.6-Megapixel 1080p/60 HD CMOS Image Sensor from OmniVision

OmniVision Technologies has launched a 14.6-megapixel image sensor capable of delivering high-resolution still photography and full 1080p high-definition (HD) video at 60 frames per second (fps).

Video Crosspoint Switches and Multiplexers from ADI Combine High Bandwidth with Low Power for Pro-AV

Compared to the nearest 16 × 16 crosspoint switch alternative, the ADV3226 and ADV3227 deliver 50 percent less power at 1.2 W (watts) from a ±5 V (volt) supply and a 55 percent increase in speed at 700 MHz.

Silicon TV Tuner for Worldwide Reception with Master/Slave Feature

Featuring a high level of integration, NXP’s TDA18272 worldwide silicon tuner incorporates RF tracking filters, oscillators, IF selectivity and wide band gain control, eliminating the need for external components such as SAW filters or Baluns.

LCD Controller with Faroudja Processing for DisplayPort Monitors

The STDP6000 accepts a wide range of digital inputs including DisplayPort, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), and DVI (Digital Video Interface), and also supports VGA inputs for connectivity to legacy analog sources.

Adaptive Streaming Browser Software for STBs and TVs

The adaptive streaming logic inside the Onyx browser enables the bitrate of the video, and therefore its quality to be continuously adjusted to the actual broadband capacity available to a device.

Stretch DVR Reference Design for Video Surveillance Supports Hexaplex Operation, IP Cams and HDcctv

A new DVR reference design kit, the VRM6016 RDK, is built around Stretch S6000 family processors and the Freescale MPC8377 PowerQUICC II Pro processor and delivers advanced capabilities and broad compatibility for video surveillance applications.

Image Sensor for Handsets and Notebooks Boasts 1800 mV/lux-sec

The 1/9-inch OV7675 uses a unique 2.5-micron pixel design, which allows it to offer what OmniVision says is best-in-class low-light sensitivity (1800 mV/lux-sec), significantly reduced noise and outstanding color reproduction compared to most competing VGA solutions.

Video Multiplexers and Cross-Point Switch Extend Battery Life in Laptops

More powerful graphics chips require more power, yet for most people doing ordinary web browsing, e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets with their computers, there’s no need for fancy graphics.

Camera Processor IP Core with 18 MP Image Signal Processing Targets Apps from Handsets to 4k Video

To effectively deliver resolutions above 12MP, the camerIC-18 IP core now includes sophisticated bad pixel detection/correction and noise reduction techniques.

Triple Video Delay Line IC for Cat-5/6/7 Cable

When sending component video over a Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable of a given length — say 200-feet, for example — all three signals do not experience identical propagation delays traveling through the same cable.

IDT Serial RapidIO Gen2 Doubles Link Speeds

The Serial RapidIO Gen 2 specification runs at double the speed of the current 1.3 version solutions — all in the same small package form factors. The IDT Serial RapidIO Gen 2 solutions are backwards compatible with RapidIO 1.3 too.