Disney and Google in Chinese Bus Digital Signage Deal

A Reuters report says a Disney-led consortium will be spending $100 million on in-bus digital media.

Consumer Reports Releases TV Ratings

Vizio 55″ and Toshiba 52″ Top List of Best Buy LCDs

Apple pitches $499 iPad, takes on Amazon

Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally took the wraps off a sleek tablet that it called the iPad, pitching the new gadget at a surprisingly low price to bridge the gap between smartphones and laptops. Read the full report, from Reuters.

Apple Tablet Expected at January 27 Event

In the most anticipated Apple product launch since the iPhone, January 27 is shaping up to be a crucial day for a whole new product category, says a Reuters report.

LG Aims for 15% Global Television Market Share

Are Pico Projectors the Next Big Cellphone Trend?

Kodak Says Apple and RIM Infringe Camera Phone Patents

According to a Reuters report, Kodak said it wants compensation for the use of the technology and is open to talks with Apple and RIM. But it is asking the ITC to prevent Apple and RIM from importing infringing devices, including certain mobile telephones and wireless communication devices featuring digital cameras.

HDMI 1.4 Spec Expanding with More 3D

The HDMI Consortium has announced plans for additional 3D formats as part of the HDMI 1.4 spec.

LG sets 3D TV target, to offer new lineup in 2010

LG plans to unveil a full line-up of 3D TV models in the second half of 2010, targeting retail consumers. LG currently offers one 47-inch 3D TV, which is sold mostly to businesses due to a high price tag.

3D Accounts for Half of Movie Revenues

3D screenings of the film accounted for more than half of all box office receipts for the opening weekend.

Sony in PS3 movie deal with Netflix and Optical Drives Probe

Sony will offer streaming movies from Netflix on its PS3 game consoles, in a move that catches up with rival Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Sony also announced their Optiarc America unit is under investigation for anti-trust violations in the optical drive market.

Laser TV from HDI Boasts 100″ Screen and 3-D with Polarized Glasses

For a projection system, HDI’s approach is compact, too, though not as thin as flatscreens. Their goal is to make their 100-inch diagonal screen fit in a cabinet just 10 inches deep, and to keep that 10:1 ratio at any size.

Barnes & Noble to sell own electronic reader

Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc will soon sell its own electronic reader to rival Inc’s Kindle.

New Media Upends TV Ratings System

15 of the biggest broadcast network companies, advertisers and media-buying agencies formed the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) to help improve audience metrics.

Samsung: LED TV sales to grow at least five fold in ’10

TVs featuring LED backlights are about a third thinner than those lit by traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) and have a longer lifespan.

LG to unveil 15-inch OLED TV

LG, the world’s second-biggest TV brand, said in a statement that it would be unveiling a 15-inch AM-OLED TV at the IFA 2009 consumer electric show in Berlin in September.