Market Intelligence

E3 Video Games Report: Social Play Rising and Parents in Control

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) — the organization behind E3 — has released a new report, indicating that computer and video game use is widespread.

3DTV Forecast for 2015: 50M Units Sold

The report forecasts phenomenal growth from under four million units in 2010 to 25-million 3DTV sets in 2013, and over 35-million in 2014.

Large Display Industry Snapshot

Insight Media reports exciting and significant progress in display imaging and illumination technologies, new components and component improvements, including LED/Laser, LCD/PDP, key components, plus “All Things 3D” and more in their new display industry snapshot.

iPad BoM: $229 for Basic Model, says iSuppli

At a combined cost of $80 for all models, the iPad’s display and touch-screen interface represents the most expensive segment of the system.

Inside Apple’s iPad

The iPad ostensibly is a tablet PC, putting it squarely in the notebook computing category. However, with its extremely light weight, it use of the iPhone operating system and its focus on presentation of content, the iPad seems to occupy a position somewhere between the smart phone, the e-reader and the netbook PC, says iSuppli in their first analysis of the new iPad.

Report Predicts 70-million Connected TVs by 2012, 15-million 3D TVs by 2013

In their newly launched Quarterly TV Design and Features Report, DisplaySearch research indicates that LED backlighting and 240 Hz LCDs will serve as enabling technologies for new feature developments in TVs in 2010, specifically for 3D TVs.

Droid Teardown Finds $187.75 Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Cost

Motorola Inc.’s Droid smart phone carries a $187.75 Bill of Materials (BOM) and manufacturing cost, according to a dissection conducted by iSuppli Corp.’s Teardown Analysis Service.

3-D TV: How Much Are Consumers Willing to Pay?

According to a survey by In-Stat, only about 25 percent were willing to spend extra for the 3-D technology.

E-paper display market to hit $600 million in 2010, says analyst

E-paper displays are being used in e-books, e-newspapers, mobile phones, electronic shelf labels, in clothes and other wearable items.

Touch Screen Module Revenues Forecast to Reach $9B by 2015

DisplaySearch forecasts the total touch screen module market will grow to $9 billion by 2015.

Research and Markets “Roadmap for Internet TV”

The report looks in some detail at how internet TV services will be delivered on a multi-platform basis.

Rising Notebook PC and Television Sales Send Large-Sized LCD Panel Prices Up

Average pricing for large-sized Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD panels was increasing at a stronger-than-expected rate in May, says iSuppli.