DisplayPort: Inside the Receiver

DisplayPort offers small connector size and low cost, and the bandwidth of a single DisplayPort cable can support a 1080p @120Hz panel, or up to four 19-inch 1440×900 panels, as well as HDCP content protection. And it’s catching on beyond PCs. A look inside the DisplayPort receiver.

HDMI Interface Conditioning

HDMI can be a highway for ESD to enter the system chip, but an integrated HDMI interface solution can provide the protection needed, while helping reduce manufacturing costs.

HDBaseT: Uncompressed HD Video, Ethernet and Power over CAT5/6 Home Networks

HDBaseT is optimized for video applications and can connect all the entertainment devices in a home by providing the “5Play” convergence of uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power over cable and various control signals.

Video Codecs for Multimedia Product Development

Custom codecs can accelerate digital multimedia product development because codecs optimized for the hardware platform for which the multimedia application is developed allow product developers to focus on differentiating the product from competitors.

Digital Signage System Design with Network Appliance Processors

Modern signage systems need to support Quadruple Play – video, audio, graphics and scrolling text simultaneously. A network application processor can lay the foundation for system connectivity, network connectivity, display interfacing, various AV support mechanisms and embedded software.

HD Component Video Over CAT5 Cable Using Current Feedback Amplifiers

A low-cost solution using high-speed current feedback (CFB) amplifiers makes CAT5 transmission of 1080i high definition component video easy for cable lengths up to 500 feet.

PSIA 1.0: IP Video Surveillance Standards

Introduction to Video Analytics