3D Accounts for Half of Movie Revenues

3D screenings of the film accounted for more than half of all box office receipts for the opening weekend.

Are Surveillance Camera Players Anachronistic in the Age of Analytics?

As video surveillance increasingly moves to automated processes — video analytics — to detect suspicious activities, what becomes of the Surveillance Camera Players?

3-D Plasma Display from Panasonic Rekindles Shutter vs. Polarized Glasses Debate

The problem with the shutter-glasses approach — though popular with the PC gaming crowd — is that it produces a strain on the eye-brain system.

High Def Security Camera Spec for Easier Upgrades, Less Latency than IP Video

HDcctv uses existing coaxial cable, but replaces the analog standard definition video signal with SDI.

Why Can’t U.S. Citizens Buy Hi-Def DVD Recorders?

New Site, New Era

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3-D Comes to the Multiplex as DTV Hits the Home Screen

3-D has come to the multiplex movie theater in a big way in recent years.