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New ROBLOX Building Guide Book Reflects Younger Ages of Today’s Video Game Builders

A new book just out this fall, entitled ROBLOX Building Guide, demonstrates just how young today’s budding video game builders are.

Android Market Comes to TV

The ultimate merger of portable and home-based entertainment, with no distinction between them, took a step closer to completion earlier this week with the introduction of Google TV 2.0, which now brings the Android apps store to the TV screen.

MHL: The Next Mobile Video Connection?

MHL — the Mobile High Definition Link — is positioning itself to be the next big thing to hit smartphones.

PS3 Loses Linux: Consumers and Software “Upgrades”

Disguised as a “software upgrade” manufacturers of consumer electronics equipment routinely change the functionality of devices that have already been bought.

Is 3DTV An Experiment?

Most of the money that has been poured into home 3D technology and programming services has been subsidized by hardware vendors and packaged content (Blu-ray Discs) vendors.

Can LPD Pick Up Where SED Left Off?

SED was too big a tease to let go of — the dream lives on.

Apple’s iPad Press Release

Here, unfiltered, unedited, and un-commented on is the official Apple iPad press release

Huge 4K Displays Among CES Highlights

The biggest highlights — speaking literally — included huge new 4K resolution displays from Panasonic and LG.

California Limits TV Power Consumption for 2011 and Beyond

Despite protests from the consumer electronics industry, California adopted the toughest energy efficiency standards in the U.S. for new DTV sets.

U.S. Citizens’ Photos Used for Facial Recognition Dragnet

In the future, will every minor law become vigorously and effectively enforced once it becomes technically possible to do so using face recognition technology?

Are Surveillance Camera Players Anachronistic in the Age of Analytics?

As video surveillance increasingly moves to automated processes — video analytics — to detect suspicious activities, what becomes of the Surveillance Camera Players?

3-D Plasma Display from Panasonic Rekindles Shutter vs. Polarized Glasses Debate

The problem with the shutter-glasses approach — though popular with the PC gaming crowd — is that it produces a strain on the eye-brain system.

3-D Comes to the Multiplex as DTV Hits the Home Screen

3-D has come to the multiplex movie theater in a big way in recent years.